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Adventures in Swimming

Boy, Have I been Slacking!

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On posting to this here blog.
I've been swim a bunch :-)

I'm manage at least 5 swims a week the last 3 weeks.
Been using the FLOG on my USMS and I'm up to
44 Miles this year. That will explain why
I'm swimming better than I have in years!
A few time I've been stuck in the FAST lane
and I've been able to get some rest providing the intervals aren't to fast.
Like they were doing 100's on 1:10 the other day.
That means a continuous swim for me if I'm working it.

I've added more workouts to my Favorites

It's easier than putting them all here.
Some are in Excel some are Doc's.
If you don't have Word or Excel you can download OpenOffice
for free and it will read anything Microsoft Office will.

I'm going to my 1st meet in over 2 years next weekend. It's at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).
This is the same place I did my 1st swim meet after my 23 year hiatus to swimming. That was in 2002. Can't Wait!!!!!

I think I'll go swim right now. Pool opens in 10 min.

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Updated February 6th, 2011 at 08:57 AM by Bo Martin (I can't spell)