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by , October 9th, 2008 at 03:03 PM (1378 Views)
there is a thread up with a poll asking about a primary goal. i can't. my coach also asked us about our goals this week so i thought i would post them here as well.

your thoughts and comments are welcome.

I would like to participate in at least 2 postal events this season. The 3000 and 6000 yard postal ends on november 15. Who else is in? My goal is to swim the 6000 in 1hour 12minutes.

The 1 hour postal is the largest masters event there is. I believe it runs the month of january. I would like to hit 5000 yards.

My goal is to maintain 6 days (minimum) per week, or avg. 25,000 yds to increase to 35,000 yards in preparation for the open water season.

I would like to see sub 1:10 100's free become a "normal" practice interval.

100 x 100 on ? sometime in january.

4400 fly birthday set....mid febuary.

25k opening day at lake minnewaska. (mid june)

I would like to swim more meets this year. I hope to attend colony zones, new england championships and maybe nationals with lots on my team members.

What the hell.... lets go for it!

50 free
personal best 24.14
goal: sub 24

100 free
personal best 54.0
goal: sub 53

200 free
personal best 1:59
goal: sub 1:57

500 free
personal best 5:30
goal: sub 5:15

1000 free
personal best 11:55
goal: 11:00

1650 free
personal best 18:58
goal: 18:10

50 fly
personal best 25.?
goal sub 25

100 fly
personal best 58.?
goal: 56

200 fly
personal best 2:16
goal sub 2:10

Swim at least 1 event greater than 20 miles. I'm thinking the tampa bay marathon or the manhattan marathon.

Swim the maui channel solo.

Swim the 2 mile Betsy Owens national championship at lake placid.

Swim at least 1, 10k event.

thats all i have for now.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    That's all?! lol Very nice!

    Are those your personal bests or masters bests?

    You must have bionic shoulders.
  2. chaos's Avatar
    my masters bests are my personal