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Back in the city

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Iíve been back in NYC since Wednesday evening. Yesterday I had a good workout with TNYA, and this morning I rode the subway up to Riverbank State Park pool, where I got to swim lcm with three swim buddies. Subway cars are not the best place to be if you worry about things like strangersí coats touching your coat. Sometimes it takes me a few days to readjust to the pace and density of city life.

This morningís workout was fun, the pool wasnít at all crowded (i.e. no one else got in ďourĒ lane) and it was a good temperature. Hereís what we did:

900 lcm warmup

5 x 200 (150 FR / 50 BK) @ 3:10

30 x 50 FR @ 1:00, holding fastest avg. pace

12 x 50 kick @ 1:15, done as 3 x (ez, build, ez, fast)

400 warmdown + play

My OW swims in Florida left me impatient for the season to start up again here, but I think it will be a couple of months before the water is warm enough. Iím really looking forward to going out to Brighton Beach on the weekends again!

One last Florida pool note: During my time there, someone mentioned that the pool, which is owned and operated by the city, was having financial trouble, which didnít surprise me given the employee to patron ratio during my swims. (I enjoyed a last solo swim Tuesday morning before I left, and by solo I mean I was the only one in the 8-lane 50m pool for most of my time there). Every year, Iím always a little surprised, and very pleased, that they still have morning lap swim hours in the winter. A search of the local paperís archives led to this article, which did mention doing away with not just morning lap swim but with winter operation altogether as one possible cost-saving measure. It also revealed the extent of the poolís financial problems:

The Aquatic Center falls under an ďenterprise fundĒ category separate from the cityís general fund budget and is supposed to be self-supporting. But the city has been subsidizing the centerís roughly $800,000 budget by $565,000 each year, money that is being shifted from the general fund, Oberst said. The center opened in 2006 with an Olympic-sized heated pool and a water playground for kids, but the facility does not have a second warm-up pool or indoor pool which would draw the larger national swim competitions or winter practice times, explained Aquatics Center Director Will Spivey.

I find those numbers a little stunning, especially for a municipality whose total annual budget is under $20 million. (I also wonder just how many swim meets a venue would have to host annually to make up a half-million dollar deficit.) In any case, it makes me even more grateful and amazed that the pool was somehow open as much as it was this past winter. I sure hope that they find some way of keeping it open in future years, without the good people of Panama City Beach having to subsidize my winter swimming to such an extent.

Iím considering entering the New York State Championship meet next weekend on Long IslandóI have until tomorrow noon to decide. If I do, Iíll probably just swim one day rather than two. Part of me wants to just enjoy training without interrupting things for meet prep. If I do go, Iíll probably take a page from Fortís book and swim some events for initial split times, since most of the events I would want to swim are on Saturday afternoon, but Iíd rather attend the Sunday morning session.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!!

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