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Year Three: The Road Back

Getting Better Still....

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YAY! I did the workout as written! No changing pull sets for kick sets, freestyle for kicking (or fly) - and my side/back muscle that's been wreaking havoc with my practices all week never seized up like I was half expecting it to! Maybe I'm finally on the road to full recovery - and then I can start really concentrating on strengthening my pull and sprinting.

Here's what we did today:

400 Warm-Up
1 x 100 Free on 1:30
4 x 25 Free on 1:00 (fast, no breathing)
1 x 200 Free on 3:00
4 x 25(ish) Kick on 1:00 - actually done as a :40 continuous kick HARD against the wall
1 x 300 Free on 4:30
4 x 25 Free on 1:00 (fast as possible)
1 x 400 Free on 6:30
4 x 25 Kick on 1:00 (fast, underwater)
1 x 400 Pull on 6:30 negative split
4 x 25 Free on 1:00 (fast as possible)
1 x 300 Pull on 4:30 negative split
4 x 25(ish) Kick on 1:00 - done as :40 continuous kick HARD against the wall
1 x 200 Pull on 3:00 (negative split)
4 x 50 Free Cool-Down
Total Yards - 3100

I should note that I had to get out early, so my cool-down should have been 4x25 free afap, followed by a 100 pull, and 300 kick cool-down. However.... mom-duty called, so I got out and got back home.

Thoughts on this set:
1. The kicks against the wall were really good (and wore out my legs). To be honest, I worked harder at those kick sets than I would have had we been kicking a 25 yard length. Must remember to do these more often!

2. I made the intervals! I have gotten down to swimming 1;25's for 100s lately, which is the fastest pace I've ever swam at. And, I was able to hold pace on all but the last 300 pull (which I only missed by a smidge). Not too shabby!

3. I DID IT!Did what? Well, let me start out by saying that my breath control is not stellar (by any stretch of the imagination). I am an every stroke breather and have to really concentrate to hold an every other stroke pattern for more than 25 yards. Also, in the 1 1/2 years that I've been swimming now, I have never been able to make it 25 yards underwater (even with fins) without having to surface and breathe (at least once). Today, I made it the entire length of the pool kicking underwater - TWICE! Whew! That's my moment of the day. May sound stupid to some people, but I've been so close before and now I finally can do it! Now, to get consistent and be able to do them all - not just a few shooters here and there. Isn't interesting how as soon as one goal is accomplished, another one is set?

Tomorrow's practice is slated for 4100 yards. While the intervals look do-able, I haven't swam more than 3100 yards at a time (i.e. today) without having my back/side muscle seize. Here's hoping the recovery will continue....

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