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One-fourth of a swimsuit!

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During my first month or so back in the city, my main fitness goal is to re-establish my routine hereóstarting back up with the mix of teams and swim buddies I practice with, getting used to going to the gym again (I stopped lifting for a couple of months while I was down in Florida), going back to ballet and rowing classes, etc. It means several weeks of soreness while my body gets accustomed to doing all that stuff again. I try to be sensible about easing backóI lifted very light weights at my first session yesterday (but am still sore today), and wonít begin leg weights until after Iíve gone to ballet and rowing for a couple of weeks so that I donít hit them with everything at once. But I donít want to drag things out too long, either.

My swimming plan for this spring is to swim one weekly practice with each of my teams, Asphalt Green and TNYA, and the rest on my own or with my Riverbank swim buddies. This morning I went over to the Asphalt Green lcm workout. It was distance oriented, which I would usually skip in favor of a sprinting or technique or IM-intensive session (we get a monthly calendar listing the focus of each workout). I generally get enough distance work with the Riverbank swim buds. But I really wanted to go ahead and resume some sort of contact with that team, as well as confirm that I could attend AGUA workouts on a drop-in basis. Hereís how the workout went:

600 lcm warmup (400s, 200k)

500 FR + 400 IM d/s by 50 + 300 BK/BR by 50 + 200 IM kick

4 x 200 IMs w/ rotating extra 50

Free set
200/300/400/500/500/400/300/200 w/ various breathing patterns [I skipped the breathing patterns and did various FR/BK patterns. I also skipped the last 400/300/200 in favor of the following.]

300 warmdown

4 x backstroke start

chatting with teammates who also got out early

On my flog I see that this workout puts me over the quarter-way mark towards earning a swimsuit this year. Hurray!

On the way over to practice this morning I spotted a new bakery named "Insomnia Cookies." Now I know where to go if I need a snickerdoodle fix before 6am workout.

I entered next weekend's NY State championship meet . Iím swimming Sunday only, and will be creating my own event order with creative split requests. (I donít think I ever would have ever thought to do that if I didnít read Fortressís blog!) I signed up for the following: 200 FR (for 50 split), 200 BR (for 50 split), 200 IM, 200 BK (for 100 split). Thereís also relays. I donít have super-high hopes for the meet, and wonít be resting for it, but it should be a chance to practice racing skills, as well as a social event.

Iím not sure if I will have a taper meet this season or no. Iíve been content this winter not having a season plan, focusing on enjoying my training, and deciding on whether or not to do local meets right before the entry deadlines. Iíll probably continue doing that, since the prospect of not having a big end-of-season competition seems ok to me. Right now Iím mostly focused on staying in good shape for the open-water season, and am impatient to be able to swim at the beach again.

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  1. gigi's Avatar
    Wowzers! 125 miles already? I am filled with envy! I've got to get my paltry yards pumped up....Welcome back to the great Northeast
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gigi
    Wowzers! 125 miles already? I am filled with envy! I've got to get my paltry yards pumped up....Welcome back to the great Northeast
    Thanks Gigi! I swam an insane amount some weeks down in FL. I think I'm becoming just a plain swim addict!