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joel schmaltz

Morning wake up

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Worked on some more pacing today. I really need it. Felt good through most of it I just didn't swim quite as well as I felt. That's alright, I'll take what I can get.

10 Min. mix up w/u
4 x 50 free drill (coaches choice)

2 x 500 w/10
Hold 1:15's for me. Did good on the first one, second one got sloppy.

50 EZ

Broken 500
(3 x 100 w/10, 4 x 50 w/10)

50 EZ

6 x 50
Drill to flag, hit turn hard and sprint 25 AFAP.

50 EZ

4 x 225
(150 free, 50 stroke , 25 stroke sprint)

6 x 75 w/20
(25 drill, 25 build, 25 sprint with 10 push ups after each 75)

300 w/d


We were running out of time so we took a vote and skipped the 4 x 225. So actually we only went 3600. I may have cast my vote for the wrong item. The push ups after the sprints were not very fun.

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