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Today's practice

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Today only 3 people showed up for practice:
Too bad because it was actually a really good workout:

I swam by myself in a middle lane:

I got there a few minutes early and swam a 300yd to loosen up after lifting and before the real practice started:

Warm up:
150 free kick
150 im drill (no free)
12x25 back kick @30
I did another 50 at the end....
total warm up: 1,100yards

Main Set:
6x [100IM @1:30, 4x50 @:55, 4x25 @:25]
50's: 1,4 = Fly/Bk 2,5 = bk/brst 3,6 =brst/fr
25's: 1,4 =fly 2,5=back 3,6=breast

Rest 1minute after rounds 2 and 4

=2,400 yards

Kick Set:
6x 100 kick @2:15 free kick w/board

=600 yards

Drill Set:
20x50s @ :50 5=finger drag 5=catch-up 5=25 polo/25 swim 5=Perfect form

Warm Down:

total= 5,200 yards

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