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Wed Feb 11 2008

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Tue Feb 11 2008

my next meet is 22 days away

Today I missed my practice at UT to coach the San Marcos Rattlers. They have their region meet this weekend. Did a taper work out with some fast 25s.

I dropped by World Gym to change into my work clothes

Did 8 sets of 10 reps on BANDS this morning
(used 2 blue SPRI bands & one Red SPRI band,) strung them over the pull up bar

Today I edited this [ame=""]Swim Faster Faster Tip[/ame]

and wrote my opinion on what I think the challenged coach should do at:

[ame=""]How Should I Make Cuts?[/ame]

which was

Coach, You're Not Asking the Right Question.
Here's what you need to do.

keep them busy, stay on them

have them do sprints & make them tired. It's hard to horseplay when they are gasping for breath.

Walk up and down on the side of the pool with them
watch them
encourage them
praise the positive.

start them, tell them when to go, call out send offs
challenge them,
demand excellence
get them to do things they don't think they can do

If they are horseplaying or wrestling say
"Hug him if you love him."
they'll quickly let go of each other

Ask them to count their strokes

have them do relays
do no breather 25's
do fast stuff for time
work on outstanding pushoffs
work on Streamline Dolphin Kicking

don't cut anyone, make it so hard that some quit.
It's an honor to be on the swim team and to be coached by you.

Have them get out of the pool and do push ups, sit ups, & push outs.

come in with the attitude, they are going to listen to me, they will respect me and do what I say.
Treat them with respect

If they are talking too loud, don't quiet them by yelling.
Have a signal for silence, Boy Scouts use the scout sign.
Maybe you can do the dolphin sign, hold your hands in a certain way,
Tell them that when they see you doing this
they have to hold their hands the same way and be quiet
then begin when everyone is silent

Ask them about their goals

When I show up to coach my goal is to make the kids as great as they can be.

Let them have some fun, take 5 minutes at the end of practice to
play whale attack, sharks and minnows, or marco polo

Don't be predictable, keep them engaged

have them sign a [ame=""]contract[/ame] like coach carter

create a team website like:

Create a team handbook and have all parents and kids read it and sign it:
like the Westwood High School Swimming Team

Put the rules in writing and enforce them.

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