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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Feb 11 - W/O with some borrowed ideas

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by , February 12th, 2009 at 01:30 AM (635 Views)
Since this is my last month at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club ("the pampered poodle club") I decided to take advantage of there gym and just tough out the "77 degree" bromine 6 lane 25 yard pool.
I was reading other blogs and borrowed from 'ande' "the lifted and short practice", but only used the weight portion and modified it:
I also wanted to practice what Coach Janine of the Aqualsol Masters taught me on Monday.
So I put this together, the first time I have done a short workout before a swim.

Quick stretch with band
Lat pull 8x40, 6x60, 5x80
Lat press (with barbell) 6x40 3x
Chops- one arm pull down with adj cable pull 5x30 3x
Chops-one arm pull up with adj cable pull 5x30 3x
leg press 5x160 2x

W/U 200 swim,200 pull,200 kick,200 swim
Main 10 x 100 Pace hold 1:15 on 2:00 (avg'd 1:17)
4x50 BR K drills alt on back/normal
6x25 Fly - focus on fixing head/breathing timing issue
5x50 BK K alt w/ 4 sec switch drill
5x50 BK focus on proper execution 1:00
cool 250

My focus this week is:
1. keep working on my 100 and 50 FR
2.Keep ears under water in the backstroke and be more precise with stroke execution.
3. Learn the BR kick, I was using the top of my feet for propulsion, not good. Having to learn the breaststroke kick from scratch.
4. Raise head earlier on the Fly, timing issue. Also get into a 2/1 cycle, was doing 1/1 which was causing early fatigue.

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