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Keepin Track 2010

Tuesday, March 29

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I am still sick with a nasty tail end of a cold and sinus infection. I had planned to get started on my season end planner from last year, but the body is having to hold back. I wondered all thru workout tonight whether going thru the motions is still better than taking the day off. Fred said my free looked wrong and my br was listing to the left. I need to move my left arm catch out about 6 inches.

I started leading our lane as the regular leaders were gone, but even though i didn't feel like my heart rate was elevating, i obviously wasn't swimming very fast. The guys in the next lane were way ahead. 10 seconds or so. I couldn't keep up. Was discouraging. 2400 main set is right on last years target. Did it differently though. Last year was 125's

2x50FR drill
200 Kick with fins

4x4x150, 50 easy back
1st set 2:15 (1:30 base +10sec)
2nd set 2:10 (1:30 base plus 5 sec)
3rd set 2:05 (1:30 base)
4th set 2:00 (1:30 base minus 5 sec)

easy 50

4x75 kick with fins. underwater till the 3rd light

2x100 Pull
2x100 Kick
4x50 swim



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