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NASTI Thursday!

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by , February 12th, 2009 at 10:30 PM (238 Views)
I worked at school till 4:10 then rushed off to a Yoga class for an hour. This yoga is definitly "gym style" yoga; it's okay but nothing like the vinyassa flow class I used to take at APYC.
I'm excited for the 3 day week-end coming up. We get Monday off for President's Day!
I am scheduled for jury duty next Tuesday. I guess you call in Monday night to see if they need you...if they do you go. I would like to serve on a jury just once, it would be another chapter or adventure in life I've never experienced. I've heard it's boring but I'd just take a good book for the down time.
Well, now for the amazing workout feats of the NASTI Swim Team on 2/12/09 (drum roll)

1) 400 Freestyle swim warm-up
2) 10 X 100 Freestyle-swim 75/rest 5 sec/25
sprint on 2:00 interval
3) 10 X 75 Freestyle-Swim 50/rest 5 sec/sprint
25 on 1:30 interval
4) 5 X 50 Freestyle- 1:00 interval
5) Easy 200 Backstroke cool-down
**2,600 yards
I had a lane to myself for the whole work-out tonight. It was quite a nice change from Sunday when 6 of us were squeezed into a lane.

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