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Keepin Track 2010

Tuesday April 5

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2x25 BA drill
2x50 BA
2x25 FR dril
4x50 FR #1 sprint 1st 12.5, #2 sprint 2nd 12.5 and so on. on 1'

200 Kick with fins

3x(P200 3:00, S5x100 on 1:30, 2x50 Hard on 1', no rest between sets)

easy 50

4x75 Kick
4x75 PULL
4x75 Swim

easy 200

My BR and FR are falling apart. Timing in BR needs lots of attention. First will focus on anchoring the hands to set the kick. Then work on kick timing. Fred said the kick and pull look good but the timing is rotten.
As for FR, I am dropping my right elbow especially when I breathe. Need to watch the bigness of the triangle and get over hand and think THUMB-torque arm to catch.

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