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Keepin Track 2010

Tuesday APril 12

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200FR (harldy got any warm up in because the HS swimmers were not out and Fred stopped us early.)

2x50 free drill
2x50 FR on 1' build

2x50 BR drill
2x50 BR swim

200 Kick with fins. Dolphin hard to breakout.

main set
4x(P100 MOD, S4x100 build each one, S2x50 hard work up tempo stroke, easy 50 BA) did well on 25s and worked to hold stroke on the rest.
easy 50

SPEC descend each set of 3
3x50 pull on 1:10
3x50 kick on 1:05 kick DPK is too low
3x50 swim on 1:00
3x50 swim with flips on :55 felt the faint glimmer of hope

easy 200 warm down

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