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Carmel Greyhound Girls Reign Champs 23X

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by , February 14th, 2009 at 06:00 PM (269 Views)
I was signed up for the IU master's meet today in lovely Bloomington's, IN. I decided NOT to go due to lack of motivation and no one to go with. Instead I had a great NASTI workout, then traveled down to the IUPUI natatorium (home of 2009 LC master national meet) to watch my favorite swim team (Carmel High School Greyhound Girl's) win their 23rd consecutive high school state championship! What a great meet! CHS girls garnered 2 national records: 200 medley Relay-1:41.68, and 200 Free Relay-1:32.75! They advanced multiple swimmers in all finals. Their winning score is the highest total points ever scored in a state championship-427.(I,m not sure if that's national or state record?). Talented Stanford bound senior Jessica Hammes won the Mental Attitude Award!
Here are a few times/places for CHS:
200 Med. Relay 1st-1:41.68 natl. record j hammes, l stauder, d mason, m detro
200 Free- 1)l mason 1:48.99 2)r sheets 1:50.46 3)c marshall 1:54.22
200 IM- 1)t regan 2:01.83 7)m jex 2:07.63 10) l kramer 2:08.48
50 Free- 1) m detro 23.47
100 Fly- 2) j hammes (phelps-like finish w/1st)
3) r sheets 55.53 5) d mason 56.19
100 Free- 3) t regan 50.91 5) l mason 51.28 6)m detro 51.53
500 Free- 1) l jordan 4:53.95 2) Ramsey 5:01.65
9) c marshall 5:06.43
200 Free Relay- natl. record 1:32.75 detro, l mason, j hammes, t regan
100 Back- 1) j hammes 55.29 7) m jex 57.16 8) l jordan 58.79
100 Breast- 2) l stauder 1:02.84 11) shaheen 1:07.02
400 Free Relay- 1) 3:24.22 marshall, l mason, sheets, regan
This was so exciting. My oldest daughter Lindsay was on the team when they won #'s 17, 18, 19, and 20. My youngest daughter swam with all these great girls till she turned 12, quit swimming, and became a XC/Track runner.
Carmel girls now own the national record for # of consecutive state championships for a girl's team. A boy's hs swim team from Hawaii holds the all-time national record for the greatest # of consecutive state titles for any sports team. The record is 25......I think the CHS girl's will be gunnin' for it in the next couple of years!

OKAY, now my workout: the water felt great today, and I had 2 of my favorite people to swim with in my lane today!
1) 700 Freestyle warm-up progressive-building pace
2) 10 X 125 Freestyle on 2:30 (lots of rest so we swam pretty hard)
3) 8 X 75 IM Roll on 1:30
4) 8 X 50 Freestyle on 1:00
5) 300 backstroke cool-down

I found a meet in Milford, Ohio the end of the month and they have a 1,650 Free. I'm going to try to go to it!

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    I noticed in the Sunday AM paper the medley relay national record was broken again on saturday by "The Baylor School" during the Tennessee state meet.
    Updated February 16th, 2009 at 12:30 AM by Bobinator