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Auburn, Day 1

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by , February 14th, 2009 at 10:22 PM (2950 Views)
Blogging from my iPhone, which usually means typos, as it has a mind of it's own.

The highlight of my day was the event I least expected to bust out a time in: 50 free. Just goes to show you, you never know what event will be "on" especially with unpredictable 50s.


100 IM: 1:04.1

Previous best was 1:06.8 in Austin. This was about what I expected to go based on my time from Rutgers. Had completely lopsided splits as usual. Out in 28.7. My heels kept popping out of the water in the evilstroke. Turns were slow as usual. Without remedial evilstroke help, this might be as fast as I can go. Everyone faster than me in this event can rock a 50 evilstroke. Still very happy as it's 2.7 seconds faster than my previous best.

50 free: 24.94

I was thrilled!!!! Previous best was 25.5 from the Sprint Classic in a B70; went a 25.99 in Austin. So this was a big drop. Had a sub par turn, but turnover felt good. This seems like a pretty big breakthrough for me. I was so shell shocked when I looked at the scoreboard, I had to ask the timers what my time was.

50 fly: 27.2

Meh. Wanted to go 26.9. Did everything wrong: two bad breakouts, bad turn, and too close to the lane line. Friend thought I might have nicked it. Not sure what happened on the turn. Didn't have my feet set well and got a bad push off/streamline. Or, who knows, maybe I was hungry from skipping lunch. 50s are tough, you have to execute perfectly, especially in SCY. Since I rarely go off a block, this is a problem. This is why I vastly prefer meters to yards. No big deal, though, I'll give it another whirl at Zones. Right now, it's a PB with correctable mistakes. I think I have good fitness and raw speed, it's the technical aspects of my races that need work.

Not sure about the officiating at the meet. I asked about getting a split request in my 200 back. They looked at me as if I was from Mars, didn't know anything about forms and didn't know the rules. I had thought this was commonplace based on all the people I see getting official times from split requests ... Doesn't inspire confidence in me, especially after the 50 fly fiasco. Why do so few officials know the USMS rules?

In any event, I may not get to swim it. I hadn't focused on the fact there is a time change between here and Atlanta when I booked my flight. I may have to scratch this event to catch my flight. Really bad planning on my part. May try to squeeze it in, but it will be close. Will play it by ear.

Had my usual meet insomnia last night. Would really like to go to sleep before 3:00 am. Got a lot of sleep the last two weeks, so that may have to suffice.

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Updated February 15th, 2009 at 10:53 PM by The Fortress



  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Fortress, you are doing great! Go back tomorrow and just back it up! You got the stuff baby!!!!!
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Wow! Awesome times Leslie! Good luck with more sleep tonight!
  3. alphadog's Avatar
    Hey Leslie ~ nice job today. Hope your having visions of sugarplums about now!!! Do you think you'd be faster if you were able to sleep or is it part of your process? I'm going to steal your two week taper routine, by the way. Good luck tomorrow.
  4. pwb's Avatar
    SWEET SWIMS. That 50 is smoking and your 100 IM is a great drop. I hope you can squeeze in all your events tomorrow before your flight.
  5. ande's Avatar
    good job
    rest up for tomorrow
  6. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Excellent job. I am sure that there are teenage girls out there that would kill to be under 25 in the 50 free. I remember a mid 24 range was the Junior National cut back in the 90s.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thx guys. I wish I was a better sleeper, but I'm just not. Not sure how much it effects the swimming, Mike. I'm sure it would be better to sleep. I'm a night owl by nature and it's worse if I've had any caffeine at all during the day. So no sugar plums yet. Sleep deprivation just makes it more psychologically challengingand less fun.

    I'll get in my events. Mr. Fort changed my flight. Just not very much rest between events tomorrow. So we'll see.

    In general, I think the two week taper works better IF you execute. The advantage of not being a sprinter is the little mistakes don't kill you as much. But that's my lot, and I'm strangely Ok with it. It's very sweet when it all comes together.

    Thx, Tom. I think the 50 free did impress my 14 year old. She told me I have mad skillzz.
  8. SwimRobin's Avatar
    Very nice swims! LOL, your daughter is right! But you are also very focused and work very hard to reach your goals. All of your hard work is paying off. Best of luck today!
  9. onefish's Avatar
    Small glass of bourbon. (or other favorite)
  10. quicksilver's Avatar

    Awesome 50 time.
  11. qbrain's Avatar
    LOL, you do have mad skillzz, mini-fort called it right.

    Looks like your taper is working for you. All that horrible slacking coming to fruition.

    I see from your fly goal time that you really are a teenage boy at heart. Sorry you missed it, but still very nice.

    About your sleeping problem, I may have a solution. For Zones, I will send Jimmy T. a club. You will get a full nights sleep and a headache, Jim will get to test the affect of phyto-estrogen on his man strength, and we will all get an entertaining vlog. Win-win-win, right?

    Good luck today.
  12. SwimStud's Avatar
    Thrust your hips forward on the breath more. It will set your legs in the right position for the kick.
  13. rtodd's Avatar
    Awesome job. What was your old 100IM split? Did evil stroke get better, worse, or the same?
  14. swimmj's Avatar
    Wonderful swims. I hope today goes as well.

  15. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks so much all! I was happy with these times and even happier with my times from today. Will report later.
  16. gigi's Avatar
    I can't wait to hear about today's times - these are fantastic. Congratulations on some stunning drops. YOu are my inspiration.

    SLeep tight!
  17. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks gigi!

    Rob, my evilstroke is just as evily awful as ever. My 100 IM splits are always 7 seconds apart. LOL
  18. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, as you and I slowly switch genders, there may be a moment where we tie in the 100 freestyle. On the other hand, this moment may have passed us already. You may, in other words, have officially arrived at the point of being il miglior fabbro in the water. Congratulations, and please wear your crown benevolently!
  19. pwolf66's Avatar
    Leslie swimming the 100 Free? Apocalypse soon to follow.

    Leslie, I can help with your Evilstroke issues. Truely.
  20. The Fortress's Avatar
    Hey, Paul, please remember that I am a Zonesman in the 100 free. LOL

    I'm sure you could help. You have excellent coaching skills. It's just hard to find time to work on everything. I think turns are my next priority. On another note, I do not believe I did any outrageous belly flops this weekend after practicing starts at Mason with your tips.