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Valentine's Day...."I blow my nose at you" (A personal blog)

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by , February 15th, 2009 at 12:44 AM (2439 Views) I've always had it out for this holiday. It's completely made-up and a ruse to extort money from poor bast&!rds who already have too many obligations as it is. So I'm supposed to purchase a card and/or flowers and/or candy for my mother, aunt, ex-mother in-law (don't ask), daughter, fiance, son (he's nine), ex-future step kids (explained below), etc., etc. Seriously, the price of flowers in the week leading up to this "holiday" quadruples...and you thought you were only getting screwed at the pump (oh yeah, we're not getting screwed at the pump anymore but our children just went a trillion dollars more in debt).What the heck, I can spend $300 on candy that's going to make everyone fat, flowers that will die, and sentiments written by someone else!..but I digress.


And I haven't even told you about the special wonder that heightens the "specialness" of this V-Day. My fiance (with whom I live) and I decided to split last weekend. (Thus, the ex-future step kids. Yes, its a mess) I'm devastated but determined to channel all energy (positive/negative) into my swimming. In the meantime I'm finding myself strangely compelled to look for a Hallmark card that fits this occasion (they seem a little short on stock for the "You're a Wonderful Person...NOW GET OUT!" cards) I think all the emotional stress of my personal struggles settled squarely upon me this morning (see workout blog).

Since I'm going back to single (and bachelor) fatherhood, I'll need to be very opportunistic about working out. I haven't figured out how to squeeze in workouts on the days I have the kids. I'm going to have to find a lunchtime swim somewhere.

Sorry, I digressed again. I suppose the point (and the reason for the French Knight (pronounced k-ni-git) reference, is that if they insist on holding their little holiday a mere seven days after I break up with someone, I reserve the right to poo-poo and boycott it.

Merry Valentines Day (or whatever)!

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    I feel for you Alpha Dog! Keep on swimmin' hard....and I think it's fine to do your venting on the blog.
  2. gigi's Avatar
    By all means let it all out, babe! I'm surprised you even had the energy to post after all that time @ the gym.

    Feel better
    Keep the faith
    Keep the swim