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Nats Day 1 Fri Apr 29, 2011

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Missed my 400 IM heat
I screwed up
Misguesstimated the IM timeline
I'm bummed & pissed

Was in vendor village changing & like a dumb ass, I got my registration bag, thinking I had time

i walked on deck right as heat 13 finished, Then ran whistling & yelling trying to make it, trying to get them to delay the heat a bit but was on the opposite end as my heat dove in, with lane 2 empty,

bummer, I shoulda been earlier or jumped in,

But at least I my time from zones held up in my age group & i'll be fresh & agitated for the 50 fly

50 fl
Went 24.13 got 2nd went 23.91 at zones
lifted my head to breathe right before turn & had a long glide touch
Bobby Patten got 1st 23.78 in a diff heat

Josh Davis blazed 22.2
Tyler 23.67
Mike Varozza 23.68
Bartee 25.5

Swam mixed free relay with
bess, Mary & Ed
Lead off in 22.24, Didn't have a good turn and streamline kick off it
Pretty close to my zones time

Ande Rasmussen
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  1. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Too bad! But you know how to shake it off and have a great meet anyway. Drink a lot of water!
  2. Karl_S's Avatar
    Bummer about the meet timeline getting away from you. It's plently possible to have a great meet anyway though. I'm sure that I'm not the only one looking foward to you posting some fast times. Hope you are IPS for your other races.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Definitely a bummer about the 400 IM. I'm sure you would have swum faster than Zones. But, as you say, your previous time held up.

    Great job in the 50 fly. I've done that long glide at the turn. It is a momentum killer.

    Now go kick ass on your relay and tomorrow!!!
  4. quicksilver's Avatar
    Too bad they couldn't do a time trial for you at the end of the day or something like that.

    Not to take away someone else's place, but to just see where your time could have been.

    That really stinks.
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Oh, and enjoy the porno hottub tonight.
  6. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    what a bummer! all that training and you miss guessed the time of the meet, we all feel your pain.
  7. ande's Avatar
    Thank you
    Today I race:
    100 IM
    50 Br &
    4 x 50 fr relay with David Guthrie, Nathan & Ed Coates
    Tomorrow I race:
    4 x 50 medley relay
    Bk me went 24.9 at zones
    Br David Guthrie,
    Fl david vandam
    Fr Nathan
    200 IM