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Talk about waterlogged...

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by , February 16th, 2009 at 11:45 AM (646 Views)
I can't believe I passed the written test of my crash course scuba class! Spent the week-end sitting indian style on the bottom of a cold pool starring at a bunch of people looking like Monty Python soldiers waiting for their next "Knights of Neets" mission.
The open water dive is the same week -end as my meet Feb 28. I will dive in April as my meet is more important to me.
Got up a 600 this morning and caught the last part of the Charlotte Masters swimmers working out. I approached the coach and asked if I could join them Wed or Fri. and he said, sure.
I warmed up
Tried my 1000 yard event. It is what it is. I really need to improve my stroke
Want to know my times on backstroke.
Did a bunch of 50 breast. Might do this in the meet as well as 50 free.
100 I M
100 side kicks
300 kicks with fins.
cool down

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