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Adventures in Swimming

To busy to Blog

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Been swimming at least 4 days a week.
I'm up to 132 Miles so far this year.
I've been sick the past week.
A former team mate of mine won the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim a couple of weeks ago.
24 Miles!!!!!!!
8 Hours 59 Min.
That is just pure crazy!!!

Here is what I swam today.

Set One 2x400 30 sec. rest
(1) - 400 warm up Choice
(2) 400 free, pace

Set Two 4x200 30 sec. rest
(1) 200 recovery
(2) 200 one lap bow&arrow drill, one lap free, perfect stroke.
(3) - 200 free, pace
(4) 200 free, all out

Set Three 8x100 (lung busters) 10 dolphin kicks off each wall, just survive the rest of the lap 20 sec. rest
(1-2) (easy)
(3-4) (keep focused)
(5-6) - (strong core)
(7-8) (quick core)

Set Four 12x50
(1-6) 50 fly,back,breast (fast), 50 recovery after each. 2:00 on each 100
(7-12) 50 fly,back,breast (all out), 50 recovery after each. 2:15 on each 100

200 warm down 3200yds.

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