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Unnatural Acts, Oct. 12

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by , October 12th, 2008 at 12:19 PM (1669 Views)
Team practice at GMU:

There was a complicated 1600 yard warm up of swim, kick, drills and sculls. I arrived late and did 800. (Don't mean to sound like Ande, lol, but I'm not a fan of quite that much warm up.)

6 x 25 breaststroke widths, going across the pool and taking one breath between lane lines. Fun drill.
1 x 25 breaststroke fast from the blocks
75 easy

4 x 100 IM on 1:50, no arms between flags, essentially hypoxic kicking with good turns
4 x 50 stroke on :55
4 x 100 IM kick with board on 1:50
4 x 50 stroke on :55
4 x 100 IM on 1:50, no arms between flags
50 EZ

6 x 25 fly on :30
odds no breath
evens 1 breath
1 x 25 fast fly from the blocks

practiced starts
200 C/D

Total: 3100


Yoga with my daughter in the pm. We also did about 20-25 minutes of light weights. We did the Cavic exercise on the stability ball. She said my recovery was too high. lol


Shoulder's a little twitchy from the fly set the other day. Going to do a Tall Paul pyramid kick set on Tuesday.

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  1. ande's Avatar
    sometimes we get those types of sets
    if I don't do them I don't get into the details
    can't always remember them

    what were your times?
    post times
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Didn't keep track on my times on the whacko IM sets. I think I was holding 36s or so on the 2 x (4 x 50) stroke doing backstroke.