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Adventures in Swimming

Doc can't get Right Med's

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1st BP med made me feel like I just ate a bunch of speed.
I thought this was to lower my BP.
2nd Med not as bad but still felt jittery.
BP was higher than when I was taking nothing.
3rd Med haven't tried yet. I going wait a few days till I start it.

Coached the Sharks Today, Swam the workout after work.
Take a Master's Minute between sets.

500 4 x (75 Swim/50 Kick)

400 8 x 50 on Descending Intervals
2 on :55, 2 on :50 etc

300 Pull: Breath 2-2-3-2-2-3 etc
Saw this on Gary Hall Sr's site
I drown when I breath to my right side. Guess I should work on that.

200 Negative Split (try to drop :05)

100 HARD

50 EZ
50 EZ

100 IM Drill

200 Negative Split

300 Kick/Swim by 50

400 8 x 50 Ascend Interval but hold speed
Start where 1st 400 ended
2 on :40, 2 on :45 etc..
Really work the last 2

500 Choice (I did a mix of Swim/Drill/Kick Sculling)

3100 Yds

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