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My first time getting up at the crack of dawn....

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by , February 18th, 2009 at 10:34 AM (2540 Views)
Had a terrrible dream that I couldn't get to the to the wrong lost in a crazy mish mosh building with stairways and elevators full of people from my past...then bingo I popped up right at 6, the time I had planned. Still got there late and took my glasses with me so I could read the sheet. Whatddaya know I stepped on them going to get the kickboard. Oh well I needed a new pair anyway. Everybody like busy bees doing their routines and a quick chat with the coach.
Pull 400 (75 free (5 breath) 25 stroke
Kick 4 X 100
Pull 300 (75 free (5th) 25 stroke
Kick 4X75
Pull 200 choice
Kick 4 X 50
Pull 25 stk 25 free (100)?
Kick 4 X 25
Interval timing on all with rest
Checked the times on some of my strokes
Back 50 48 sec
IM 100 1:45
Breast 50 not so good I can do better. I am wishy washy on my stroke. Old style ? new style...not clear what to do.
I think I can do better than this under pressure plus as a dive. Getting ready for my Feb 28 event. I am going to do 1000 free, 50 free, 100 IM!

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Paige, here are some basic RC exercises you should definitely do on a regular basis.

    I do exercise #2 with 3 pound hand weights. I also do an exercise where I lay on my stomach, lift my chest off the ground and squeeze the shoulder blades together. You can do this with 3 pound weights with hands at your side.

    Light lifting on the machines should help too.
  2. gigi's Avatar
    Congratulations on your first morning practice - I wish I could get in a swim in the morning - enjoy your team!
  3. flippergirl's Avatar
    That is really good information above for shoulder injury. If I am honest I will say that my shoulders are in a lot of pain as I tried some way over my bodies abilities to whip and pull stroke after the practice. That video of you is so inspiring. I just bought some stretch bands. I want to go to the practice tommorow to keep my commitment to training. I hope it is safe for me to go back into the pool. Does any one have and suggestions?