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Adventures in Swimming

One of Those Days

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It started with my right goggle leaking.
I tightened the strap. No help. I dealt with it for a little while.
During which I caught my finger on the lane line
on a push off of the wall on a backstroke turn.

So to the locker room to get another pair of goggles.
I grabbed 2 pairs. A speedo socket rocket someone gave me.
And a pair of clear Swedish No gasket ones.

Well the speedo's were dark but didn't leak.
I used them for 10 min's or so. Still couldn't
seem to get moving. So I switched to the clear
Swedish. It was amazing. I instantly felt like swimming.
So the last 15 min's of practice felt good.

So from now on clear goggles inside!!! Save the
dark ones for outside swim's.

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