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Mixing it up this year

Wednesday 2/25 - the blahs...

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by , February 25th, 2009 at 07:52 AM (521 Views)
Just felt sluggish but as usual some how toward the end of practice my speed comes back. I always seem to do better at the end of a set or practice. I guess that means I am a distance swimmer.

10x100 @ 1:45 Free could barely stay at 1:35
8x25 @ 1:00 back kick arms perpendicular
800 Free with paddles and bouy every 3rd back
600 back kick streamline with fins every 3rd SPRINT
400 Free kick with fins and board EZ
6x100 @ 1:45 Free 1/2 swim 1/2 drill (drills alternate finger tip drag and catch up)
3x100 @ 1:30 Free held 1:24's
100 Free EZ

Total 4000 yards

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