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Of Swimming Bondage

Hey Ho! Let's go!

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by , August 12th, 2011 at 05:43 PM (87 Views)
The meet's underway, but thanks to the beauty of online check-in and SwimPhone, I can see that the 1500s won't be done until around 4:30pm, which means I'm swimming my 400IM sometime after 5pm. I did violate one of my Championship Performance Prep points (, actually point #1, in terms of getting enough sleep last night. Shout out of shame to United for that one

Well, the flight delay last night wouldn't have hurt as much had I not had a 5:30am call today. I managed 5 hours of sleep and then powered through a morning of meetings and calls, wrapping up my professional work by 12:30pm. I then clipped down and dove into one of the world's only true hotel lap pools here at the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, a 6 lane, 25 yard course complete with lane ropes, two pace clocks, backstroke flags and cool water:

I did the following just to loosen up:

  • 1 x 600: 300 free, 300 IM (no free) dr-k-dr-swim
  • 4 x 50: 3 on 0:40 cruise 30/31s, 1 easy
  • 8 x 25: on 0:30, odds build IM order, evens easy
  • 1 x 100: easy

TOTAL: 1,100 SCY

Often on meet days in warmups my mind runs to find all the things that feel wrong. Today, I could only feel and think about good things. My short-axis strokes feel especially good and when I revved the free on the last fast 25, I felt like I was riding high and grabbing big water. My stroke count on each of these 25s was lower than normal. In short, I felt great.

I grabbed some lunch, completed my shave down and grabbed a twenty minute nap. Nothing to do now but have some fun racing today. Aside from racing, my sights are set on getting under 5:00 in the 400 IM. I was 5:03.98 seven weeks ago. Getting under 4:55 will elicit a "Holy S**** and Hot D***."

For all you distance freaks out there, assuming my Flip doesn't crap out on me, I'll aim to get Janet Evans' 1500 video'd, though I won't be able to post it until I get home.

Pools / Open Water since 2007

Two pools added in bold below.

Pools I've trained in since 2007

  1. Cactus Aquatic Center (Scottsdale, AZ)
  2. Brophy Sports Campus (Phoenix, AZ)
  3. Lifetime Fitness (Scottsdale, AZ)
  4. Lifetime Fitness (Skokie, IL)
  5. Lifetime Fitness (Austin, TX)
  6. Somerville YMCA (Somerville, NJ)
  7. Raritan Valley Community College (Branchburg, NJ)
  8. IUPUI Natatorium (Indianapolis, IN)
  9. UT Swim Center (Austin, TX)
  10. U of Arizona Hillebrand Swim CenterTucson, AZ)
  11. Talisman Sports Complex (Calgary, Alberta)
  12. U of Lethbridge Max Bell Swim Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta)
  13. Crystal Pool (Victoria, British Columbia)
  14. Oaks Christian School (Westlake Village, CA)
  15. Lifetime Fitness (Berkeley Heights, NJ)
  16. Jewish Community Center (Scottsdale, AZ)
  17. McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center (Scottsdale, AZ)
  18. Desert Breeze Pool (Las Vegas, NV)
  19. The Olympic Club (San Francisco)
  20. Janet Evans Sports Complex (Fullerton, CA)
  21. Woollett Aquatic Center / Irvine High School (Irvine, CA)
  22. Bruce Hazard Pool @ Mission Valley YMCA (San Diego)
  23. UCSD Canyonview Pool (San Diego)
  24. Villanova University (Philadelphia, PA)
  25. Kino Aquatic Center (Mesa, AZ)
  26. Hilton Head Island Rec Center (Hilton Head, SC)
  27. YMCA Aquatic Center (Orlando, FL)
  28. Westin Sohna-Gurgaon (India)
  29. Reading Central Pool (Reading, England)
  30. Optimist Park (Raleigh, NC)
  31. Pullen Aquatic Center (Raleigh, NC)
  32. NOVA Aquatics Center (Richmond, VA)
  33. Lifetime Fitness (Cary, NC)
  34. Philadelphia Airport Marriott
  35. Berkeley Aquatic Club (Berkeley Heights, NJ)
  36. Chatham County Aquatic Center (Savannah, GA)
  37. Lifetime Fitness (Tempe, AZ)
  38. Clark Swim Center (Walnut Creek, CA)
  39. Holy Names University (Oakland, CA w/Manatee Masters)
  40. B.A.D.A.S.S. Pool (Scottsdale, AZ)
  41. Summit YMCA (Summit, NJ)
  42. George Washington Rec Center (Alexandria, VA)
  43. ACAC (Midlothian, VA)
  44. Centennial Indoor Pool (Cranford, NJ)
  45. Mission Viejo Dive Tank pool (Mission Viejo, CA)
  46. Mesa Carson Westwood Aquatic Complex (Mesa, AZ)
  47. Lifetime Fitness (Goodyear, AZ)
  48. Victoria YMCA (Victoria, BC)
  49. Issaquah Julius Boehm Pool (Issaquah, WA)
  50. Charles Hadley Pool (Miami, FL)
  51. Pompano Beach Aquatic Center (FL)
  52. Culver City Municipal Plunge (CA)
  53. Stanford Avery Aquatic Center - south 50M pool (Palo Alto, CA)
  54. Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center (Beaverton, OR)
  55. Mt Hood Aquatic Center (Gresham, OR)
  56. Juniper Swim & Fitness Center (Bend, Or)
  57. George Haines International Swim Center (Santa Clara, CA)
  58. Renaissance Club Sport (Aliso Viejo, CA)

Pools I've competed in since 2007

  1. UT Swim Center (Austin, TX)
  2. ASU Mona Plummer (Tempe, AZ)
  3. Rutger's Sonny Werblin (Piscataway, NJ)
  4. Mission Viejo Nadadores (Mission Viejo, CA)
  5. U of Arizona Hillebrand Swim CenterTucson, AZ)
  6. Rinconada Pool (Palo Alto, CA)
  7. BEST Swim Club (Phoenix, AZ)
  8. Clovis North High School (Fresno, CA)
  9. YMCA Aquatic Center (Orlando, FL)
  10. Kino Aquatic Center (Mesa, AZ)
  11. Georgia Tech Aquatic Center (Atlanta, GA)
  12. Cactus Aquatic Center (Scottsdale, AZ)
  13. Desert Breeze Pool (Las Vegas, NV)
  14. Saanich Commonwealth Place (Victoria, BC)
  15. Skyline Aquatic Center (Mesa, AZ)

Open Water courses trained/competed in since 2007

  1. Tempe Town Lake (Tempe, AZ)
  2. Lake Pend Oreille (Sandpoint, ID)
  3. La Jolla Cove / Pacific Ocean (La Jolla, CA)
  4. Greenwich Cove (Greenwich, CT)
  5. Flathead Lake (Montana), both Somers Bay (training) & Polson Bay (competing)
  6. Saguaro Lake (Arizona)
  7. Lake Pleasant (Peoria, AZ)
  8. Atlantic Ocean - Ft. Lauderdale
  9. Elk Lake (Oregon)

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  1. Ahelee Sue Osborn's Avatar
    Have a great swim tonight Patrick!
    We'll be virtual cheering

    Renaissance Club Sport has - or had a little masters club that trained in that pool. Nice area eh?
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Every hotel pool should be like this. I remember several times staying at hotels for work that the hotel occupants were in the pool doing laps, not floating around with a gosh darn noodle. Kick butt in the 400 IM.
  3. qbrain's Avatar
    Nice 400IM, not quite "Holy S**** and Hot D***", but getting darn close.
  4. Speedo's Avatar
    Smokin', man! You must be stoked with the overall win. I've gotta check the event rankings, but I'd think you're in the running for an AA rank? Rest up and get pumped for tomorrow- you've hit it on the nose!
    Updated August 12th, 2011 at 09:57 PM by Speedo
  5. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice job! Remember, your free leg needs to be equal to your fly leg 100! Still, sweet time.
  6. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice swimming speedy!!! Your first two splits were the same as my season bests in the individual 100 events (fly/back). Getting under 5:00 is great!

    Maybe I should reconsider coming down to Mesa for the September meet, though the beat down would probably be good for me. As long as my better half allows it, I think I'm going to try to come down there.
  7. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    Nice job! Remember, your free leg needs to be equal to your fly leg 100! Still, sweet time.
    Check out how he held off the other guy in the end. Nice
  8. That Guy's Avatar
    great job pwb! your 100 breast split was faster than my 100 LCM breast this summer
  9. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    good luck this weekend...take it to Janet!
  10. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy
    great job pwb! your 100 breast split was faster than my 100 LCM breast this summer
    I was going to make a comment, but now I plead the 5th.
  11. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    Have a super IM!