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Wednesday, Oct. 15

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Was having trouble with my asthma today and wheezing a lot. Had to take more rest than usual and do less lactate work. But, still, got some good work in. In general, I am doing more yardage than last fall-spring.

My SDKs have gone to hell. Didn't focus on them much the last 6 months or so as I swimming LC and then trying to do some more aerobic work. I'm having trouble staying under as a race goes on. Don't know if it's entirely due to lack of practice or also due to worsening bronchitis/asthma flare ups of the last year. Going to practice them more frequently and continue to use the MF to see if I can improve some.

Warm up:

500 swim
5 x 100 one arm fly drill on 2:00

Main set:

4 x 200 dolphin kick on back with MF on 3:00
100 EZ
6 x 25 UW shooters, no fins
100 EZ
5 x 50 AFAP back or fly on 3:30 with fins (went 26.5-27s or so), 50 EZ between each one
100 EZ
6 x 25 UW shooters, no fins (was easier the second time around)
100 EZ
4 x 200 dolphin kick with MF on stomach with board on 3:00
100 EZ

Total: 3850

Hoping to do one of Jonathan's fast 25 sets on Friday. Might only get in 4 swims this weeks, as I'm thinking of weights and a run tomorrow and I still plan to take Saturday off.

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