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Boring workout today

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by , February 25th, 2009 at 09:20 PM (501 Views)
But it's what coach sent so I pushed through it. I'm sure he has a good reason.

SCY, Solo

400 free swim (swam as 75free/25 back)
300 pull breathe on 5 (was able to hold 5 for 100 then started breathing on a 2-5-2 for the rest)
200 IM drill
100 kick no board

Main Set
20 x 100 free on 1:30: make the interval by 3-5 sec. and pace it out.
(I did either 19 or 21, not sure which. I kept on the 1:30 interval, averaged around 1:26 with some around 1:28 and some at 1:24. This set is hard to do alone. Real easy to space out and lose focus.

Cool down
100 easy

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Ugh! I could never do that alone. No variation, all one stroke. You need to be shifting into more speed work soon. And :30 intervals doesn't seem like much for fast 25s either. I'm practically lolly gagging compared to you. When I do my fast 25s at the end of practice, I usually have no interval and take as much rest as I want.

    What did you do with your weight training the other day?