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I Shot the Sheriff

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Howdy y'all!!

My quest to swim around Manhattan this June requires me to complete a qualifying swim in cold water. Brrrr!

I only did warm water swims last year, so am in dire need of accclimatization before attempting my qualifier. Of course, we're a wee bit too frigid up here in Chicago for swimming at the moment, so..

Austin Tx, here I come!!!!

Actually I've already been to Austin a few times to brave the waters of Lake Travis. Between my old friend, LeighAnn, and my new friend Lynne Smith (English Channel swimmer extraordinaire!), I've got amazing support.

So, to honor the people of Texas, I present to y'all my new training suit...

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  1. SwimStud's Avatar
    Hah Barton springs (I think that's the place) ain't no picnic. My wife nearly got hypothermia shock there back in the early nineties.....
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I can't open the "training suit" pic.

    Maybe you should get some advice from Lynne Cox. She's on FB.
  3. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    LOVE Barton Springs!!
    I'll try another way of posting the photo....
  4. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
  5. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    that doesn't seem to have worked either. Can anyone see the picture?
    I just tried to post it via a link to my album..hmmm
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    1. upload it to a USMS photo album of your own creation
    2. open the picture from the photo album
    3. right click the picture and click properties
    4. highlite and copy the address (first url--the one at the top)
    5. go back to your blog and click the insert image icon
    6. paste the copied address in here
    7 the picture should open when you post the blog.

    I will try this with your shark bait kangaroo:

    the address is:

    now i shall click the insert image icon and paste the address in there.

    okay, that didn't work.

    but it would have if I went to the original location of your shark bait kangaroo.
  7. jim thornton's Avatar
    Okay, so I just found your album and there is only one picture there: your suit.

    The address is:

    Now I will try pasting it after hitting the insert picture icon:

  8. jim thornton's Avatar


    You have to go to the album, find the picture, double click on the picture to open it fully, get the address, which in this case is:

    then use the insert image link icon:

    Unnecessarily complicated in my opinion, but there you have it. Maybe next time just use your magic lasso and hogtie that picture right onto your blog!
  9. jim thornton's Avatar
    By the way, excellent suit, but I am pretty sure FINA prohibits the wearing of firearms in sanctioned competitions.
  10. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    here goes...


    I was starting to think that the suit was, in fact, so horrendously ugly it was unable to be reproduced electronically.

    We Texans are required by law to wear firearms in all swimming events, especially OW

    Ok, I'll stop scaring everyone with pictures of that suit...
  11. Bobinator's Avatar
    That's a way cool suit! Good luck in your OW adventures!