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Wednesday's Funk

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by , February 26th, 2009 at 08:31 AM (256 Views)
I am sorry to report Wednesday was no better than Tuesday. I guess sometimes you just go through a little patch of funk, then hopefully come out alive.
After work I headed to LA Fitness w/swim workout in hand. I pulled up, looked at the pool through the windows and said...NO!
I called marty and asked if he would run (it's more jike jogging these days) with me tonight; he agreed. I arrived at home shortly and dove into a bag of barbeque potato chips!...yum....I don't even know who put them in the pantry....probably some messed-up teen-ager.
Around 7:15 we went out for a run. The weather was lovely! I felt a little friskey. I don't think this running is good for my osteoarthritis, but it truly acts like prozac for my brain!
Tonight is practice with the NASTIS at 7:30 pm.
I am starting ON TIME and I will have a positive attitude!

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