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The Captain's Log

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On Wednesday, August 24th I was privileged be part of the crew for Evan Morrison's (Evmo's) solo swim from Catalina Island to the mainland.

It was the first time I'd ever crewed for a swim and, with my own Catalina swim just around the corner, a great learning experience. In the incredibly short time it took Evmo to swim the channel, I was able to familiarise myself with the pilot boat, the Bottom Scratcher, and see first hand the work that goes into putting on a successful (or unsuccessful!) marathon swim.

Most of the swim took place in the pitch dark in some fairly lumpy seas. I was pretty queasy and didn't take many pictures until the sun rose. Here's my view of what went on:

[nomedia=""]Evan's Catalina swim - YouTube[/nomedia]

Congratulations to Evmo on an amazing swim, and thanks for letting me be a small part of it!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Cool slide show Amanda! Thanks for putting it together and posting--those are some gorgeous shots. Good luck on your crossing--I look forward to reading all about it!
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    When are you doing the Catalina swim? We have a couple people from my team doing it next Thursday. Then of course they're staying in SoCal for the LaJolla swim that Sunday

    Good luck!
  3. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I start 10th October. Very very nervous.