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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 9/19/11

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SCY (6:40p-7:30pm)

500 wu (200 FR, 200 BK, 100 IM drill)

2x500's Pull on 7:00
(Repeat: 50 long and strong FR, 50 Fast FR, 25 Back)

500 mix up
(Repeat 50 Kick, 100 IM hard)

1000 with Paddles
(Repeat: 50 long and strong FR, 50 FR build, 50 Fast FR, 50 back long and loose)

300 wd (mix of 2 arm BK, breast, fly drill, and FR)

With my first 10K swim coming up this Sunday in Rhode Island, I am trying to get some longer sets in. I was never a distance swimmer, and I loose my lap count easily so I do a lot of repeats to help to remember where I am. I was able to keep the 2 500's at 6:35, and my clock on the 1000 was 12:36 (gotta love the extra zoom from the paddles). I threw the kicking in there because I don't like doing it, and figured if I mixed in the IM's I would at least get through them quicker.

I was able to swim a 5K non stop in the pool last Friday, finishing just over 1hr 24 minutes. That puts me in the realm of possibility to finish the race under 3 hours. The course is essential a "L"-shaped lake loop upside down (does that make sense?) - 1 mile north, 1/2 mile East, then around the buoy to the start for 5K - do it again for 10K.

I noticed during my swim on Friday that I started to get hungry around 48 minutes. My buddy Bob in the the kayak will have water/Gatorade and food that I can munch on during the swim. I have some goo shots for energy, and was thinking about bananas and some soft granola bars.

Does anyone have any suggestions for timing and types of nutrition? I am wondering what has worked for you? (I appreciate any help).

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