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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 9/22/11

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Solo at the Rec (SCY)

500 w/u (200 FR, 200 BK, 100 IM drill)

5x 400 on 6:45
(Repeat 200 Pull (150 FR, 50 BK), 100 kick, 100 IM Drill)

200 w/d

Not to inventive today, nor was I too enthusiastic about swimming. Hit the pool at lunch time to get in a swim, and noticed that my left shoulder is bothering me a little bit. It might be from pulling through the weeds during last night's OW in Mass. If I am lucky, my wonderful wife will massage my shoulders tonight after a dip in the hot tub. Restarted my Advil routine to help with any inflammation.

I am now thinking that I might try to get in half a workout on Sat am with the Master's club before heading to Rhode Island. Here is a look at the race course for this weekend ... <--- One loop = 5K, I'll be doing two loops for the 10K race. Right now there are 43 folks signed up, with 18 or so preparing for the 10K.

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Updated September 22nd, 2011 at 03:49 PM by rxleakem

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    That looks like an interesting course, with lots to see as you're swimming by. Enjoy!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks - should be great with some of the leaves starting to change. Good luck with your swim(s) this weekend, too.