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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 10/05/11

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Solo at Rec scy

600 w/u (200 FR, Bk, FL/BR drill)

2 x 500 FR on 6:45
1st= Pull (went 6:16)
2nd= Swim (went 6:26)
(25 dps/25 fast, 50 dps/50 fast, 75 dps/75 fast, 100 dps/100 fast)

5 x 100 IM continuous
(drill, swim, drill, fast), Shuffle thru IM order

4 x 125 on 2:15
(75 kick on 1:30, 50 fast swim on :45)

10 x 50 Stroke work continuous

200 junk w/d

(3300 yd total)

Spent the day in the garden helping my beloved with some projects, including a path way between the plants and the grapes. Roto-tilling chilling.

In a 500 mood tonight, and saw some other folks on blogs doing the ez/fast alternation, so I gave it a shot. The second one was tough, and I felt as bad as the time indicates.

On the 125's, I was able to hold :29, :31: :30 on the free and :36 on back. The stroke work went well, and I tried some single arm FR drills with my other arm at my side - killer.

I have been scrolling through the blogs to get ideas for building up for NE Champs in March. keep up the good work, people - I'm counting on some good ideas from you all.

Oh, and my new motorcycle helmet came in today. Perhaps a long ride is in order tomorrow while the sun is out and temps are a bit warmer (before an evening swim, of course).

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