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August 21 - October 11, 2011

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by , October 12th, 2011 at 03:50 PM (767 Views)
Wow! I was surprised when I took a look at my blog and realized I hadn't written in nearly 2 months!

August 21 - August 30
Swam 5 more outdoor workouts totalling 16,200 meters (averaging 3240 meters). August 30 was our last workout of the summer season, as the outdoor pools in Edmonton were scheduled to be closed that day.

September 1 - 9
No training, as our indoor home - the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre - was closed for maintenance.

September 10 -September 18
September 10 marked the beginning of our new season. As the Kinsmen was still closed for maintenance, we swam at Peter Hemingway and Terwillegar pools for this time period. I swam a total of six workouts during this time (19000 meters, averaging 3167 meters per workout).

We added a new coach to our roster for this season. Here's the introductions that I wrote for each of our coaches:

New to the club is Mathew Mossey. Matt has previous experience in the swimming community, having been a competitive swimmer for over ten years. After removing himself from the water, he made an easy transition to the deck and has been active in coaching for the past ten years. He has coached with the Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club, Edmonton Huma Swim Club, University of Alberta Swim Camps, Edmonton Keyano Swim Club, and Fort Saskatchewan Piranhas Swim Club. He recalls winning two Provincial Championships with the Edmonton Huma Swim Club as one of his most enjoyable and challenging experiences. Matt will be responsible for the "Sharks" practices on Tu/Th/Sa/Su.

Glen Playfair is returning for another season. In recent years, Glen has been University of Alberta's Head Coach for cross country and track and field (distance), as well as the Head Coach of the Edmonton Thunder Track and Field Club. He was Athletics Canada's Head Coach for the NACAC Cross Country Championships in Trinidad & Tobago (2010) and for the 38th IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Poland (2010). He was also the Team Coach for the 37th IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Jordan (2009) and recieved the Alberta Coaches Recognition Award (2008). He has also been heavily involved in the International Triathlon Union and has coached triathlete stars such as Paul Tichelaar and Paula Findlay. Glen will be responsible for our noon hour practices (M/W/F), as well as the "Turtles" practices on Tu/Th/Su.

Jim Phelan is also returning for another season. No stranger to the Edmonton swimming community, Jim's career in the sport has been based entirely out of this city. The first eleven years were spent growing up and swimming for the Edmonton Keyano Swim Club until 2005. After graduating high school, Jim was proud to be a member of the University of Alberta Golden Bears Varsity Swim Team from 2005 until 2010. Highlights included three trips to the CIS National Championship from 2008-2010. More recently, Jim was head coach of the Edmonton Huma Swim Club in 2011. He was also the head facility coach at Scona pool for Olympian Swim Club in 2010-2011, and assistant coach for the Edmonton Masters Swim Club in 2010-2011. Jim was also the head coach of the Derrick Devil Rays from 2008-2010. He has been involved with the U of A Summer Swim Camps and served as the ASSA "All Star" Coach at Age Group Provincials this past July. Philosophically, Jim believes in a proper technical basis in all skills and strokes to be continually emphasized to promote balanced swimmer development over time. This technical emphasis must then be reinforced with power swimming to achieve success. Academically, Jim is pursuing graduate studies in American History at the University of Alberta. Jim will be our backup coach, filling in for Glen on Saturdays and other times as needed.

September 19 - October 10

Back at the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre. Swam a total of 10 workouts (35800 meters, averaging of 3580 meters per workout).

Notable sets during this time:

4 x 50 free descend @ 1:00 (:37, :35, :34, :33 = 2:19)
200 free fast @ 4:00 = 2:22
4 x 50 free descend @ 1:00 (:35, :34, :33, :33 = 2:15)
200 free fast @ 4:00 = 2:18

(with fins)
4 x 50 free EZ @ 1:00
1 x 100 pace @ 1:30 = 1:11
4 x 50 free EZ @ 1:00
2 x 100 pace @ 1:30 = 1:10, 1:10
4 x 50 free EZ @ 1:00
3 x 100 pace @ 1:30 = 1:09, 1:09, 1:09
6 x 50 free EZ @ 1:30
4 x 100 pace @ 1:30 = 1:09, 1:09, 1:09, 1:09

October 11

242 days until Day 1 of the FINA World Masters Championships

Kinsmen Aquatic Centre
WWU Pool (SCM)

2 x
(100 swim,
100 kick,
100 drill,
100 swim)

4 x (3 x 75 @ 1:45 as 75 kick, 75 drill, 75 swim); sets of 75s in reverse IM order

3 x 100 Fly as (75 drill/25 swim) @ 1:45 with fins
3 x 100 Back as (75 drill/25 swim) @ 1:45 with fins
3 x 100 Breast as (75 drill/25 swim) @ 2:15 NO fins
3 x 100 Free as (75 drill/25 swim) @ 2:00 NO fins

4 x (8 x 25 as 6 drill, 2 fast) @ :40, IM order

100 EZ

Total Distance = 3800 Meters

Day after Canadian Thankgiving!

Was tired and sore from the weekend because we drove out to our cabin in Saskatchewan on Saturday after workout (4300 meters) and spent the next two days doing chores to get the place ready for winter: chop wood, haul out the boat and winterize it, take out the docks and boat lift, winterize the water system (clean out the water softener, blow out the water lines), etc. But we also had time for a nice Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberries, ham, mashed potatoes, turnips, ... yum, yum!

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