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More Backstroke

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by , October 17th, 2008 at 12:10 PM (494 Views)
Friday, October 17, 2008
SCY, Solo

1 x 500 swim free and back
8 x 50 kick on back on 1:10, odds dolphin. evens flutter
6 x 50 fist drill on 1:00, odds back, evens free

Main Set
8 x 75 back, fast on 2:00, averaged just under 1:00, I think. By the time I touch the wall, turn and focus on the clock about 2 or 3 seconds go by and I was seeing :60-:61 after each one.
This set was hard but I surprised myself by holding the same pace throughout the set.

1 x 400 easy free

1 x 50 fly AFAP, went :34 from a push
150 easy free

Cool down
1 x 200 easy free and back

2600 yards

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