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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Mea Culpa

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For those looking foward to seeing the comedic swim stylings of Jimby, especially as he thrashes about in the 200 freestyle relay--like a little water spider gone amuk!--and later in the 50 fly--a splashing dynamo of ineptitude!--I greatly apologize for the technical problems.

The film is made!

My co-record-breaking teammates and I--all 192 aging man years of us in our crepey skin and swimming suits!--have been suitably documented.

There is even a nice bit of cheesecake rewarding the viewer who can fight off motion sickness (the videographer is not that steady handed a shootist!) to the end!

Alas, YouTube is having trouble processing this 4 minute opus, and thus I will have to try again tomorrow.


I don't expect you to read this.

I certainly do not expect any of you who have read this to re-read this.

And I absolutely certainly do not expect any of you who have read this and re-read this to recommend it to your friends.

But we are living in strange times indeed.

Nothing would surprise me at this point.


Well, next to nothing.

An Oscar nomination for short film cinematography for my upcoming vlog, if YouTube ever finishes processing it, would surpise the mother ****ing ****ity **** **** bejeebers out of me.

Strange as our times have become, that would, I admit, surprise me.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Are you cursing in a time of non-taper, Jimby? Love it!

    I eagerly await your depiction of the speedy 200 free relay and 50 fly. Was the pool measured though? Are these 5 lane Y meet times submitted for top 10? And, all inquiring viewers want to know, will there be an assault on the 200 fly this season? I assume there will be no recourse to the dreaded butterfrog, as you are in fine aerobic condition thanks to Coach Bill?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Oh, and you do NOT have "crepey skin"! You are a fine example of male pulchritude (and charismatic brilliance). Hair is very overrated. Wigs are as well.
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Oh, Leslie, you know just the words to whisper in the ear of the aging man, sinking into penury, shriveling in the nether regions, de-spunking and de-swaggering in that once telltale way, the stigmata on his forehead appearing as a series of dit dot buboes growing thicker and fusing into a giant angry L...

    Yes, you know just what to say to me!

    And I thank you from the bottom of my soy-brown heart.
  4. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Jimby, you may very well be the most entertaining person I have ever had th epleasure of meeting. And I have met some very entertaining people!!! Keep up the outstanding journialistic type vlogging!!!
  5. Bobinator's Avatar
    Well jimby, reading your vlogs is a great vocabulary expander for me. I simply note all the words/phrases I am not sure about, then look them up in my spare time!
    My only problem is that I don't have an audience to test and use all this great grammer with. My Kdg.through 5th grade students have no appreciation for it. When I'm swimming I mostly just gasp and pant so talking is tough. At home I pretty much just blog, cook, clean, and sleep. Do you have any suggestions?