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by , October 17th, 2008 at 05:02 PM (2321 Views)
Really busy day. Had less than an hour to swim. Had planned on doing this set of Jonathan's:

16x25 kick with finz, 3 easy/1 fast on :45
200 easy swim
16x25 swim 3 easy 1 fast fly on :30 easy/1:00 fast
200 easy swim
16x25 swim 2 easy 2 fast backstroke on :45 easy/1:15 fast
200 easy swim
16x25 swim 3 easy 1 fast breast on :45 easy/1:15 fast
200 easy swim
16x25 swim with finz 2 easy 2 fast, :30 easy/1:00 fast
200 easy

Needed another 30-40 minutes to get through that. So I did this instead:

600 swim-kick-drill
4 x 75 free on 1:30, 5 dolphin kicks off each turn

10 x 25 kick on :45, alternate fast/easy
10 x 25 fly on :45, alternate fast fly/easy DAB
10 x 25 free on :45, alternate fast/easy
10 x 25 back on :45, alternate fast/easy

100 C/D

Total: 2000

Felt a bit sluggish. Going to try to do Jonathan's set early next week.

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  1. pwolf66's Avatar
    Were those 75s SCY? Were those intended to be a power kick set?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nope, the 75s were just designed to get my heart rate up a bit so I was ready to sprint. Paul's power kick sets involve going the full 15 meters underwater without taking a major coffee break on the wall. I couldn't do that right now at all.
  3. pwolf66's Avatar
    Ah, OK. i just know you and your love of kicking.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    I took practically a whole day off!
  5. Syd's Avatar
    Hi Fort,

    Only discovered you had a blog today! Haven't developed the habit of coming 'back here' to look for them. Used to enjoy reading Ande's and Paul's. Will make a concerted effort from now on to check in on a daily basis.

    I think kicking is the way to go, too and am seriously considering Tall Paul's advice of taking a week or two off ( he might have said three but that would just be unbearably long for me)! and then starting up again with the first month entirely devoted to kicking. My kick is my weakest link (that and my starts and turns - both of which have a lot to do with the legs, too).

    Congrats on your times for the 27th!

  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Syd! The kicking seemed to help me last year. I do a lot of kicking to save shoulder wear and tear and vary the workout.

    Let me know how your kick workouts are going!