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Wednesday 11092011, AM Swim

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by , November 9th, 2011 at 11:21 AM (39 Views)
went over to Mesa-Skyline for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the North pool (similar to Kino's south pool), SCY
Tiffany was on deck coaching

200 w/u

4 x 150 @ last person's finish
50 catch-up
50 free
50 stroke (I did 25 back/25 breast)

4 x 75 kick @ last person's finish
50 fast, 25 easy (I wore fins + board)

6 x 50 @ :45 (for pacing she said...) in 2300 yds

200 w/d

TTL: 3900 yards

Tiffany told me to get in the fastest lane; I was a bit intimidated at first, then realized who else was there. saw a guy I used to swim with at Kino, and felt much better. there was another pretty speedy guy too. every lane had 3-4 people.
I asked people the other day (at Carson pool) how many people swim mornings at Skyline, the response was 4 to 12 I think. today there were at least 20 people here.
I mentioned something about swimming at Carson on Monday, and everyone said, "that's why we swim at Skyline!" it is a great facility, nearly identical to Kino, but even newer

so the T-30 was rather interesting. the guy I knew was recovering or something, he put on paddles + buoy and said he'd take it easy. I said that I'd try to hang with the other guy, and the response was, "good luck with that."
by 2-300 yards in, that other guy was nearly 25 yards ahead. but then something happened, I think I got a little faster. we pretty much stuck at that until around the 2000 mark, when I picked up some steam. he didn't really budge and I almost thought I could catch him, not quite but I got back within 5 sec of him.
we chatted after, and that faster guy said he started off holding 1:18, and dropped down to 1:16. evidently I started out slower, but got faster (I did see the clock several times, but I can't remember a single distance/time)

and that faster guy only swims once a week (on Wednesdays); he's a triathlete, hoping to do AZ Ironman next year. I think I'll try to get out there most Wednesdays so we can push each other, even after the Kino pool re-opens.
Tiffany is a great coach too; she said they try to have similar workouts between Kino and Skyline, but her style is certainly different than Paul's.

I have no idea where all these people come from. who would have thought there were so many swimmers in East Mesa? Paul & Laura are doing a fantastic job of pulling swimmers out of the woodwork.

Skyline is a ways out there though.... But my drive to work wasn't horrible. The US 60 was just starting to slow around Val Vista, and I exited shortly after. I can't imagine staying on that freeway though all the way to central Phoenix.

so 4 days of swimming this week (so far), and 4 different pools--
Sun: Chandler 24 Hour Fitness
Mon: Mesa Carson
Tues: Mesa 24 Hour Fitness
Wed: Mesa Skyline

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    they came from apache Junction!
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    they came from apache Junction!
    Lol, maybe. This pool is very close to AJ.

    One guy was telling me about a masters group in Queen Creek. I didn't even know there was a pool in QC. There's groups popping up all over the place!
    (I have hinted to Paul that he should start a group at Hamilton and/or other Chandler pools, but I think they're too busy with Mesa right now)