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Riverton Results & Workout 11/18/11

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My goal to practice every day this week hit a road block last night due to my mental block - I missed Adult Swim time! Mon thru Wed the pm time is 6:15-7:30, and on Thursday it is 5-6:15. I showed up at 6:10 and saw all the swim team kids in the pool and knew I made a mistake.

Oh well, took it as a sign that a day off was in order ...
11/18 Solo at Rec (scy):

w/u: 200 FR/200 BK

2 x 500 swim with Paddles (continuous)
- 25 DPS/25 fast, 50/50, 75/75, 100/100 FR
- Repeat with back all all but the 75's

- Start on :60
- 4 x 50 kick on :50 (flutter with board, ok back w/o, dolphin, flutter)
- Wait until the :45
- 4 x 100 FR Pull with buoy on 1:20 (dec 1-4)
- Wait until the :15
- 4 x 50 swim fast (free/bk/free/bk)

10 Deep water Bobs

- 100 FR swim (50 DPS, 50 fast) on 1:10
- 50 ez (25 skull, 25 kick on back) on 1:20
- 50 hard FLY
- q-break til the top

200 ez and out
(3600, 65 minutes)
Felt good today, and wanted to push some yardage. I see that James has adopted the q-break, so I figured I will too (us 200 BK guys need to stick together - haha).

I went for the long swim to start because I haven't used my paddles in a while and figure my strength needs some work. I made the kicks on the first set with 5 seconds to spare - I have really been working at adding kicking to my workout and going faster with it. I tried to descend the Pulls and did well - 1:14 -> 1:09 both times, thinking about long strong strokes and power through the bottom of the pull. I held :32's on the free and :35's on the back.

On the second set I was able to come in at 1:04 on both the 100s, ez feeling. The flys were 33, which is good for me.

Off to help out at my son's school today. My daughter is on a trip to NYC (MET Museum of Art, UN, 9/11 Memorial). Tomorrow I am going to help with a stroke clinic at Master's practice, probably 30 minutes of free and back work. Should be fun.

Attached are the results from the Riverton meet. I will have to break down the 200 FR, but it looks as crappy as it felt. I did a good job splitting the 100's, but hope to take them out a little faster in the future. Still trying to lay down more yards for the 2Bk at BU ...

Also, you can see me in the 100m FR at the Riverton Meet here: - I am in lane 2 at the top of the pool. My time of 1.00 converts to a high 53 in yards, and I was 52.6 during the spring, so I am really happy with that time at this point in the year.

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