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Esprit de lane

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This morning I swam with TNYA. It was a crowded workout, since pool closures mean Thursday-Sunday practices have been cancelled. Our lane of 6 worked well together, though, and it was a joy to share the lane with considerate and funny teammates--we were giggling over one thing or another all the time we were at the wall together. Coach Sean was on deck. Here’s how it went:

800 scy warmup

10 x 50 K @ 1:05: odds = flutter on side, evens = choice [dolphin on back for me]

400 pull w/ breathing pattern [I decided that simple bilateral breathing sufficiently honored the spirit of the assigned breathing pattern.]

18 x 100 FR:
1 @ 1:35
1 @ 1:20
1 @ 1:35
2 @ 1:20
1 @ 1:35
3 @ 1:20
1:00 rest, then repeat
[I tried to keep all the 1:20s under 1:15—made 10 of 12.]

200 easy, alt. FR/BK by 50

10 x 50 choice:
Odds = K/D @ 1:05
Evens = D/S @ :55
[By this point in the workout our lane was down to 5, so we each led a pair of these and the leader got to pick the stroke for the whole lane.]

150 warmdown

It was a fun workout.

It’s time to re-up with USMS, and I have to figure out which of the teams I swim regularly with to register with. Right now I’m affiliated with Asphalt Green, and in many ways it makes sense for me to stay with them—they reliably have decent attendance at local meets and at nationals, and I enjoy swimming relays with them and having a coach at meets for feedback. However, next year Team New York will be hosting a local meet in March, and there’s also the possibility that I’ll go to 2012 IGLA championships in Iceland with them. They’ll have a good turnout for both events, and when TNYA turns out for an event, they do it in style—we’ll probably have around 40-70 swimmers going to Reykjavik! Being part of that would be a blast—I think the most fun meets I’ve gone to as a masters swimmers have been IGLAs and Gay Games with Team New York. TNYA is also the team I’ve swum with for the longest time in the city, and I have the deepest connection with teammates there. (But—if I’d been affiliated with them at last weekend’s meet, I would have had only 1 teammate there, and couldn’t have swum relays.)

Also, this year CIBBOWS is an official team within Metro, so that gives me a third choice. I’m thrilled that that group is thriving, and I love swimming with them and want to support them. But that choice probably wouldn’t give me teammates or coaching at meets. It’s nice to have so many options, and I do feel grateful to have so many choices for swimming in the city. I’m also thankful that so far no one has insisted that I affiliate with them to swim with them, or made too much of a fuss when I want to switch back or forth—I’m hoping that doesn’t change. It does make me miss the days when all the teams in our LMSC were lumped together in one big happy family, and you could pick up strangers at meets to swim relays with (and all hold hands and sing kum-ba-yah afterwards).

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  1. aztimm's Avatar
    We still (mostly) do the one team thing for the AZ LMSC now, but when we register we can select a workout group. For our local meets, they use the workout group for relays and team results.

    I'll have to check out that Iceland meet. I read a trip report about Iceland a few months ago and it sounded very interesting. But I think my schedule for 2012 is mostly set already (looking forward to 2015 when I get another 5 days of vacation).
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    An excuse to go to Iceland, tempting.
    Updated November 22nd, 2011 at 01:22 PM by qbrain
  3. quicksilver's Avatar
    I often find myself watching real estate and home improvement shows. Recently there was an episode of House Hunters featuring a young couple looking for a home in Iceland.

    That said, it looked liked a really magnificent place to visit.
  4. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Yes, I think the meet location is sounding enticing to a lot of us here. It's reportedly a fun and beautiful destination that would be new to me. And then there's the facility:

    The 5,000 square meters Laugardalslaug pool facilities include inlude 2 x 50m pools, one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor poor is of international competition standards with 10 lanes and is 2 meter deep. The outdoor pool is a little shallower and warm up and cool down. Also, the facilities include 7 outdoor hot tubs, each with different temperature, playground with a slide, steambath and an indoor hot tub.


    I'm trying to confirm that this meet will indeed be LCM--there's no 100 IM on the entry form, so that's promising. I would really like to get in a lcm competition before OW season starts this year.
  5. swimmerb212's Avatar
    I decided that simple bilateral breathing sufficiently honored the spirit of the assigned breathing pattern.
    Oh, how many times I've done that.

    We're currently trying to pick up Metro area stragglers to join FISH so we can have some relays next year. I'm also tempting everyone with registration goodies, but a trip to Iceland is almost enough to make this die-hard think about switching loyalties.
  6. rtodd's Avatar
    18 x 100 FR:
    1 @ 1:35
    1 @ 1:20
    1 @ 1:35
    2 @ 1:20
    1 @ 1:35
    3 @ 1:20
    1:00 rest, then repeat
    Just exactly what kind of "giggling on the wall" was going on during this?! I would have been crying.
  7. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rtodd
    Just exactly what kind of "giggling on the wall" was going on during this?! I would have been crying.
    There's no crying in masters swimming! At least not at our practices!

    There wasn't much common wall time during that set to giggle. But during the break (which we stretched a wee bit) we took turns trying to think of ridiculously wonderful things to compare the set to--"It's as good as candy!" "like lounging in a hot tub!" (This after the beleagered last guy in our lane came looking stunned after the first round, and declared "This set sucks!") You can always find something to giggle about!