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Getting Back in!

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So...I've taken a 6.5month hiatus due to health issues and an overall aversion to the system (aka coach)...but now I am in Baltimore, MD in graduate school and wanted to get back into it.

I'm hoping to go to the GMU Sprint Classic at the end of October as my first meet back into it...that doesn't give me too much time...but I also will not expect to do great things there...and personally I don't think it takes to much training to do a 50free or 50fly.

So today was my second day at the gym. I went Saturday as well and ran, biked and lifted.

September 16th 2008:
830am: ran 2miles on treadmill broken up with .25fast walking @1.5incline for a total of 3miles.

9:15am: lifted using cybermax weight systems: chest press, tricep press, arm curl, lat pull downs and a few others.

9:45am: Swim: 25scy Loyola pool. Swam alone.

3x200 kick @4:30 #1,3 with board #2 w/o
200 DPS
16x50 #1-8 w/ paddles #9-16 swim w/o
200 DPS @.45
16x50 kick Odds=free @1:00, Evens to 8=25 breast, 25free @1:10 Evens 10-16= under water dolphin kick
200 DPS
4x100 IM, #s 3-4 reverse im @ 2:00 (held 1:18)
200 warm down

for a total of 4,400 yards on my first day back.

Then when I got out and into the hottub a woman approached me and asked me if I was gonna be doing the club team which I said yes. Turns out, that starts 7-9 I have another pool workout. Tomorrow is gonna be tough!

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