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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic

30 x 100

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Well, I did it today.

Not so fast, bliss guy.

In my dreams last night, I was going to return to this blog with tales of victory of how I swam 30 100's on 1:30 without stopping. Yes, dreaming about USMS forum blogs is, indeed, the first problem.

The second problem was that the Tarrytown YMCA was about 85 degrees this morning, and the jets were bringing in even warmer water. Also, just because one reads about people who swim multiple 100's on 1:20, and just because one is friends and teammates with those people, does not mean that one is immediately able to pull feats of fast swimming out of one's .

It went down like this:

Started with a 600 warm-up:
4x25 free
4x50 rev. IMO
4x75 drill, kick swim, IMO

5x100 on 1:30, making them all! Took 30 seconds to cool down and did...
5x100 on 1:30, but that interval started slipping away by the last two 100's.
took a break to pour cold water all over myself...
5x100 on 1:30, making them all! (barely.) Took 30 seconds to cool off and one of the other swimmers started chatting, I let her chat and extended my rest another minute. But back to work! I wanted to get 4,000 in before the bus. I wanted to live the dream.
5x100 on 1:30, but really, only the first one was on 1:30. The others were more like 1:35. My arms were heavy, and I stopped watching the clock. I decided it was time to switch to a 1:45 interval.
10x100 on 1:45. Thanks to that extra time of rest, I made them all on 1:30! Well, I made the first seven on 1:30! I slipped a little after that. I gave myself a nice extra 15 seconds after the 29th 100 and swam my last one all out, making it on 1:25.

400 warm-down backstroke & corkscrews & other feats of just floating.

I wish my achievement could have been as simple as 30x100 on 1:30. That would be less typing. I'll have to try again, I think this is an excellent challenge set for me and what I want to be doing with my swimming. It would be interesting to me to try this in a pool that isn't so warm, and with a teammate to hold me accountable. But you know what this means? I get to eat much pie tomorrow, and I earned this ridiculous smiley:

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job on completing the 30 x 100s. It is a tough thing to do, with a group, or without. For many masters, myself included, doing 3000 yards is a complete workout (or more). I'm going to attempt my 30 x 100s @ quick pace on Friday, provided I get the pool space, but I'm going to be exhausted too, as I will be pushing my body past its "internal distance clock" during the swim.
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    You have more will power than I do, congrats.

    I think this is an excellent challenge set for me and what I want to be doing with my swimming.
    That is interesting. A lot of people use competition as an excuse to train hard, but I think there is a lot of merit to training for a training goal. Not everyone is motivated by competing, but still want a reason to train hard.

    Congrats again on 30x100s and enjoy your day of overindulgence.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Great job!