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3-6-09 Short Axis Turns & IM Practice

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11:00 AM to Noon at the Downtown YMCA. Perhaps some sympathy following Wednesday's practice!;-) Coached by my wife!!!

400 free - every 4th length drill in IM order
8x50 on 1:10 - 2 drills of each stroke in IM order
4x25 build - stroke in IM order

5 minutes of fl/br turns from mid-pool
5 minutes of some crazy drill - dead man float, pull your knees to your chest and use that momentum to continue the flip. I am uncoordinated!
4 more turns concentrating on pulling knees to chest and staying low in the water.

4x150 IM with no free - 50 of each stroke - on 4:00

100 warmdown

I'm struggling with my swimming right now. We went 1600 meters and I couldn't even finish the IMs! I don't know what's going on!

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  1. jackparker's Avatar
    Can you email me the IM Saturday workout that you have been doing? I hope to be downtown in the early AM......
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    That drill sounds backwards. I have done the opposite.

    Deadman float with arms at side, snap your palms to shoulder while bending at the waist, using that momentum to snap your legs over. It is just a flip turn without the benefit of forward momentum to get your legs over.

    Good luck on building up your endurance. Maybe you just have trouble performing under such a strict eye
  3. Iwannafly's Avatar
    You're probably right Q. Performance anxiety!
    This drill wasn't supposed to be about flip was backwards from that. I can do the one that you described. Instead of bending at the waist, we were supposed to pull our knees up and continue over backwards. I ended up using my hands a lot.
    The frustrating part of the endurance thing is that only four weeks ago, I was finishing 4600-4900 IM and free pace workouts on Saturdays. I had a meet three weeks ago and it seems that my endurance has been falling since!
  4. qbrain's Avatar
    Strange... endure