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Healing Waters

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by , March 6th, 2009 at 06:54 PM (1737 Views)
After yesterday's running fiasco and many-reps-weight workout, I decided the best thing for my body was to hit the pool for an easy workout. Got to the pool after I dropped my son at school and was in the water by 8 AM. This is an hour before the arthritis class, so the water was probably around 86 or 87. For the first time, I did not mind the warm temps as all I wanted to do was loosen up the tired muscles and joints.

Felt wonderful after this workout :

400 Warm-up: Alt. 100 free/100 back

4 x 50 fly drill on 1:00 - 25 rt. arm /25 lt.
8 x 25 fly drill on :45 - underwater pull portion of fly -recovery is underwater

4 x 50 back drill on 1:00 - 25 rt. arm/25 lt.
4 x 50 back pull on 1:00 - paddles only

2 x 50 breast kick on back on 1:15
2 x 50 breast kick with pull buoy on 1:15
2 x 50 breast pull with dolphin kick on 1:15
2 x 50 breast with 3 second glide on 1:15

4 x 50 free pull with buoy only on :50
4 x 50 free drill on 1:00
#1: 3 strokes/12 kicks on rt. side/3 strokes/12 kicks lt. side
#2: 3 strokes/6 kicks
#3 3 strokes/3 kicks
#4 Regular stroke

Total yards: 2000


1. Fly drills - work timing on first set and feel of water/pull on second set.
2. Back drills - Work rotation
3. Breast drills - My kick is as wide as a barn , so first four 50s were designed to focus on narrowing up kick. Rest of 50s were timing and feel of the water drills.
4. Free drills - I have a weak pull and a strong kick, so the goal here was to work the pull. The last four 50s were used to focus on rotation.

Later in the afternoon, took the bike out that has a compact crank and 12/27 gearing. This bike does not have a computer or aero bars. I like to use this bike when I want a nice recovery ride. Having a computer or aero bars temps me to go hard.

Rode right at an hour. Have no idea how fast I went or how far I rode. My average HR was 122 for the entire ride and I spun the whole way (kept in low gear and had high rpm).

Interesting sights along the way as usual. I live in a rural area and am blessed in that I can walk out my front door and hop on the bike. This set-up, however, has its downfalls. Leash laws are disregarded and a couple of 1/2 mile stretches can be somewhat isolated which is not always a safe thing for a woman.

Saw a total of six dogs wandering around but I gave my premptive warning which always seems to keep them in their yards. These dogs actually seemed oblivious to my being there. Saw a guy that looked like he was out of the movie Deliverance. Decided that I could out-sprint him if he messed with me. Fortunately, if my bike breaks down, the farthest I am away from my house at any point on the route is 3 miles. Of course, I carry my phone as I would rather my husband come pick me up rather than walk all the way home.

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  1. quicksilver's Avatar
    That's pretty funny about the biking. I do the same thing as far as calculating the mileage from home base.

    I ride in a 15 mile radius which keeps me within a few miles of home at any given time in case of flats.
    My spouse would not be picking me up though! ...maybe only if I had a dog chewing on my leg. Then again maybe not.

    Hope I never have to test that theory.
  2. elise526's Avatar
    Ha! Biking can be quite an adventure, can't it?!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Just another reason not to bike outdoors! Unleashed crazy dogs scare me to death.

    How are the biking legs as opposed to the running legs?
  4. elise526's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Just another reason not to bike outdoors! Unleashed crazy dogs scare me to death.

    How are the biking legs as opposed to the running legs?
    Thanks for asking, Fort! No issues with the legs on the bike, thankfully. Biking usually feels pretty good as opposed to running. On this one, I wasn't going very fast, so if my legs were dead, I probably would not have noticed like I did on the running.

    It will be interesing to see in another month or so when I start to do interval type work on the bike how this mixes with swimming and kick sets. In the past, I've noticed that swimming and biking mix well. Running doesn't seem to mix well with anything.

    If you figure out where the dogs live in advance, it is not too bad. At least you are ready for them. True it is much safer doing spin classes, but I get bored quickly with those.

    A guy I swim with every now and then keeps encouraging me to bring my bike and trainer and do a trainer workout with him right after I swim. I've thought about it, but not sure I want to be at his mercy - he rode in the Olympic Trials in the eighties. His workouts look painful!
    Updated March 7th, 2009 at 01:05 PM by elise526