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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

March 6 2009

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I recently got Water Gear water Cords - bands for dryland and Bettertimes Positive drive fins, for breaststroke kick help. Paid about $20 each from The bands are excellent for the price, they easily wrap around any stationary object, like furniture, posts or doorknob. The fins are much different from tradition variety, they can be used with all 4 strokes and right now I need a lot of help with my BR kick which is very tough for me to do, even with the coach and other swimmers giving me drills and pointers.

This morning at 5:45am I rejoined the YMCA swimmers at the Union Mine HS pool, borrowed the first half of Jacki's short attention span w/o.

W/U 300 FR
6x75 K/D/Swim 1:30 (Did IM order, no FR)
6x50 Des on :50 (did FR :40 to :30)
6x100 Pull Des on 1:30 (just kept to 1:15)

200 125FR, 75 FL/BK/BR 3:45
2x50 BR K drills
6x75 FR on 1:10

200 Cool (noticed the pool was empty and people were leaving, so I cut it short)

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