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Redemption Run

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by , March 7th, 2009 at 05:46 PM (1048 Views)
Went out with my 10 year old to the wildlife park behind the mall. He rode his bike while I ran 3 miles. Much nicer than running on the road - dirt trails, boardwalk, no cars, no loose dogs, and flat!

Ran the 3 miles in 26:42 (8:54/mile). Focused on lifting my knees higher and being light on my feet. Average heart rate at 162. No pains to report!

We fed the ducks afterwards. A beautiful day with temps in the upper 70s!

Thoughts: Although I would have liked to get in a little bit more running this week, I feel like I had a pretty good week. Next week, I would like to get the running back up to 15 miles per week and get a couple of more times in on the bike. Here are weekly totals:

Swim: 3 workouts, 9500 yards
Bike: 1 workout, 1 hour
Run: 4 workouts, 10.75 miles
Weights: 2 workouts

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