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Fingers Crossed

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by , October 20th, 2008 at 03:37 PM (1734 Views)
One kid is throwing up with a fever and another has a cold. I'm really hoping I don't succumb since I have a meet on Sunday, but I've got a sore scratchy throat. And I had had a nice run of health .... My husband was working in the home office today, so I still managed to get to the pool for a bit.

550 swim
6 x 50 fly drills on 1:00

30 x 25 UW shooters with MF on :35
#1-10 on stomach
#11-20 fly spin drill
#21-30 on back
50 EZ

8 x 100 on 2:00, backstroke (2 swim, 2 kick, 2 drill, 2 kick)
50 EZ

16 x 25, alternate AFAP/EZ, 2 of each stroke, took as much rest as I needed.
100 EZ

Total: 3000

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  1. pwolf66's Avatar
    Vitamin C, lots of water and lots of rest. I know 2 out of three should be easy, it's that last one that's gonna be hard.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanx Wolfy! But rest is not a remote possibility. This week is worse than usual because I'm teaching Miro and helping with bugs in Gillian's class and have actual research to do. I'll survive. Jim tells me health is irrelevant to sprinting.
  3. pwolf66's Avatar
    Yeah, but that's Jim!?!?!
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    True! He is our resident expert hypochondriac though.