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Elko Triathlon

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For the past 7 years, the EHS track team kicks off their season with a sprint triathlon. This is a fund raiser for the team as well as a way for the team members to get to know each other better. I have been doing the this as part of a team every year. I swim (of course) and my brother runs and then we find whoever we can to do the bike part. Yesterday was a clear, cold (temps in the low 30's) day with a stiff breeze. Typical for the high desert this time of year (makes me glad I'm a swimmer since the swim is done in the pool). In the adult division, my team of two 50 somethings and a 40 something finished 3rd over all and 2nd in the team division. The team that beat us is 3 kids in their 20's, and the individual ahead of us is in his 30's. And my training buddy won the women's division.

As far as the swim went, the only ones to finish faster than I were 4 high school kids who also happen to be on swim team. My 16 yo son was the fastest of all.

Total yards with warmup and cool down was about 1100.

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