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by , October 20th, 2008 at 05:51 PM (746 Views)
i just finished a weekend of bay swimming and it was awesome.

i landed at sfo on friday at 11:00 and within 40 minutes i was swimming at aquatic park. i swam easy for about 20 minutes to shake off the travel fatigue and "warm up" to the bay. there were about a dozen other swimmers doing laps across the cove some wetsuited, most were not.

the swim across america SF started at the golden gate and finished at crissy field. 120 participants boarded the ferry and took the ride past alcatraz to the bridge for our plunge. water: 58 degrees, windy, whitecaps. the swim took me 40 minutes, i certainly wandered a bit and started shivering upon exiting the water. no surprise for me, but it clearly made others uncomfortable as i was soon wrapped with half a dozen event towels. a large cast of olympians joined the swim and much money was raised for cancer treatment.

the water was calmer today and i joined 5 others to do the swim from the rock to the south bay rowing club under the expert guidance of the legendary bob roper. we were well guided, and i had the pleasure of swimming with glenn mills on my left and a small zodiac on my right. we entered the cove at 30 minutes. our fellow swimmers close behind including 12 year old george healy!

i will post some pictures soon.

off to austin

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