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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 1/2/12: Year of Jubilee

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Solo at Rec (scy)

200 FR/200 BK
12 x 50's as:
- Odds: FR/BK/one arm fly x 50 on :50
- Evens: Kick same order as above on :55

4 times through 4 x 100
- Descend time: 1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15
- so ... Leave on :60, :30, :55, :20
- q break to next :60
- Swim FR 1st, 2nd, and 4th times thru
- Swim BK on the 3rd flight
- Now, break up the 100's as such:
- 1st: 25 swim/75 fist drill
- 2nd: 25 swim/50 fist drill/25 swim
- 3rd: 25 swim/25 fist drill/50 swim
- 4th: all swim - hard

(that sounds way more confusing that it was swimming it - sorry)

1 x Noah's Ark Pull with buoy on 7:00

200 ez warmdown
(3300, 60 min)
I thought that our pool would be super packed today, but not so much. There was a noodler getting swim lessons in the "fast" lane, so I moved over one and split with 2 other folks. I can only think that the morning swims are even more busy with the first of the year.

I spent the New Year working, but all was quiet. I stayed up until midnight and had some sparkling grape juice with the family before heading to bed. The first of the month service at the nursing home was moved to 9am, so after that I went to work from 10-2 (I'll get paid for 8 hours though).

This afternoon I helped the high school team with flipturns. It is really neat to see the big differences in ability (some kids are first timers while others are on the town team) but cool how they all love swimming. They didn't mind the old dude giving advice, and seemed to learn something along the way.

Tonight I was looking to get some yards in and that 4 x 4 x 100 fit the bill. That was really long to write up, but it went quickly. My fast 4th 100's on each turn were: 1:08, 1:05, 1:13 (bk), 1:07. I pulled the ARK at 6:23 - my shoulders were screaming at me a bit.

Good news at the pool in that my swimming buddy Greg registered for Masters for the first time this year. He is a great swimmer and had fun at the squad meet a few weeks back. We'll time each other for the One Hour Swim at some point this month. That makes the NEM workout group of BAM 3 registered swimmers.

Finally started to get some more snow here in my corner of the world. It's spitting right now, we'll have to wait to see if it sticks in the morning.

Oh, Jim asked me to change my avatar in order to get a shot at the blog TT, but I could only find a Shetland Sheep, not pony. Oh well, it will be useful if I need a scapegoat. Also, check out my post [ame=""]here[/ame] if you have an Android phone and want an app to store your swimming times - it is great!

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    I noticed that sheep! The cow-chicken suddenly disappeared, replaced by the sheep. I had no idea there even was such a thing as a Shetland sheep!

    Try googling miniature horses.

    I am not sure which, if either, of these is real. But either one will inspire you to blog on to glory!

  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Farm animal motif is startin' to freak me out! Probably stepped in too many patties and road apples as a kid; can't see farm animal without the smell of wet hay encroaching... must... seek... shelter!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    You can probably guess that I grew up on a farm - milked 70-80 head. My dad was the first farmer in Bennington County to install a computerized feeding system (well, my older brother did it) - 1989. All I got to do was shovel the parlor and plow the road during the winter. Oddly, no chickens, sheep, or horses on the farm, but we did have a pig one year.

    I miss those days... Now I am just a goose.
    Updated January 2nd, 2012 at 10:40 PM by rxleakem
  4. mcnair's Avatar
    My brother still lives on a farm in Central Texas; ah, the smell of warm, drying manure! I actually don't mind it when I get a chance to visit. BTW, his geese get eaten by coyotes!
  5. GregJS's Avatar
    Hey there rxleakem - GregJS here, checking out the forum and blogs - very cool! - and making my first posting on the Master's site.

    Interesting to see your workout and learn what you were up to over there in the next lane this evening - and I have to admit I flushed with pride at being mentioned in your post and even getting a hand-clap!

    Thanks again for taking the time to fill me in on all this. I'll see you at the pool...
  6. rxleakem's Avatar
    Greg - I'm not sure what I'm doing half the time.
    Thanks for swimming by! Keep up the good work, and make sure to ask any questions you might have. There are lots of knowledgeable folks here that are happy to help.
  7. ViveBene's Avatar
    I was never clear what went on with Jimby and the little pink pony, but those bitty horses are charming.
    I like the sheep avatar, too. Had one as a pet, briefly. She ended up in the neighbor's freezer.
  8. rxleakem's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that, VB. I would change my avatar to those adorable little equines, but I am afraid that it might be considered cheating, as Jim monitors the yearly Blog TT and he supplied the image. Alas, I will most likely take a picture with my cats soon and upload that.